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An adventure in Pakistan could take you from soaring mountains to sandy beaches, busy modern cities to remote tribal villages, sacred Mosques, temples and worship places, towering monuments, all within a week or two. But if you have time to spare, you can get right under the sleeves of this fascinating region.
From geographical point, Pakistan has the richest attractions for travelers. This land boasts soaring mountains and world famous peaks in the northern side. The mighty river Indus, the renowned archeological sites of Moenjodaro and Taxila, matchless historic monuments and sites like Badshahi Mosque and the Fort (Shahi Qila). Sindh’s dramatic deserts and the coast line with sunny beaches are the most enticing value for the travelers.
This territory inhabited since pre-historic times, Pakistan saw more than its share of ancient invaders, from the Bronze Age civilizations that thrived in the Indus Valley to the armies of Alexander of Macedonia. Each culture left a deep mark on the country's cultural heritage, shaping its religious traditions, art, and cuisine. Because of continued political instability in the region in the past, a very few casual travelers consider a trip to Pakistan for pleasure, yet the intrepid explorers who do will discover a land blessed with numerous natural and cultural treasures. While thriving cities lie in the country's south, the remote and rarely visited north remains a wild frontier of soaring mountain ranges, which include K2, the world's second-highest mountain. Ever since the new government took over, the country is thriving through progression and stability, in terms of business and law and order. CPEC- China Pakistan Economic Corridor is again a good example where China and many other counties are coming forward for investment in different segment of economic activities.
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